Meet Yuck. Formed by Max Bloom and Daniel Blumberg at the end of 2009. Blumberg then met drummer Johnny Rogoff – the one with the huge afro – in Israel. The band added Mariko Doi, a bassist from Hiroshima, and Blumberg’s sister Ilana, a part-time member who supplies backing vocals. Together they represent three different parts of the world — Japan, the UK and New Jersey. Their sound is reminiscent of the 90’s music genre that permeated every teen spirit around the world. But don’t let the nostalgia keep you from fully appreciating their memorable hooks, guitar rifts and harmonies. If you can fully appreciate their sound, then this is your band for 2011. If you want to see them live, check out their upcoming tour dates below.

‘Yuck’ is due out Feb. 15 on Fat Possum.

Tour Dates
11th: Echo, Los Angeles CA

12th: Detroit Bar, Costa Mesa CA

13th: Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco CA

Check out the recently released music video, titled Holing Out.

More here.


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