Yoni Wolf (of Why?) @ (Le) Poisson Rouge 4/15/11

Yoni is not exactly my slice of pie if you dig what I’m sayin, but pie can be eaten for so many reasons?! I appreciate what Yoni does and at times a tune of his may be perfect for the right situation. I had some buddies (this one is for you Hamms) who were into the S.F. underground scene in the early 2000’s and put me on to this weird nerdy side of hip hop. Sauce and I hit the show just to see where this guy was at musically these days. It was a sold out packed house at (Le) Poisson Rouge, the seating was available for that intimate vibe. It’s great to see where he has gotten to, basically playing a really organic chilled out set on piano while his brother Josiah plays bass guitar, a kick drum, sings backup/harmonizes vocals and even doing some beat boxing. I got a clip of them doing a cover of The Cure’s “Close to Me”, quite the 180 from the upbeat dance classic but they give it a whole new character. All in all it was a nice change of gears from the usual crazy Friday night antics. Oh yea, there was a lot of whistling, that put a smile on my face.

– Omar

Yoni @ LPR from Emerald Gold on Vimeo.

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