“Watch The Throne”

Oooookay peoples, I have not pre-ordered a retail version of a CD (yuuup, just happened) ever, I think. Since I can’t imagine myself remembering that I should go to the “Record Store”, aka Best Buy/Target (for you cats who live in the cutz). For this “Record” I am saying fuck it, send that shit to my door V.I.P. status Def Jam! Yo on some real shit, I am going to the bar (right meow) and ordering a beer, then I am going to pick out the guy who would most want to speculate on such a Topic. Over the course of about 18 minutes, I would assume we will cover everything from # of songs , how many beats did Ye make, the guest list (is there one?), does this count as an album towards Ye’s Def Jam contract, how long until I listen to another rap album, and are they going to film the first video on the moon or some shit?!?! Either way, for me to make a “pre-order post” on a beyond mainstream album is kinda  weird/a big deal. There is one definite thing Ye has shown me over the years, it’s that the excitement around your record is everything. I’m not talking about hype per say, this is just some epic shit at epic proportions. In this case I would just say the “Epicity” of Watch The Throne is making my mind flutter. If you want a hard copy like myself, and hate extra trips to the store because you would rather shred, pre-order “Watch The Throne”. Or fuck it, pre-order one in mp3 and get it right away you ADDHD crazed maniac.

P.S. No I didn’t put their names…Its obvious right?

P.S.S. Might I suggest a “Watch The Throne x Game Of Thrones” collab!!!

– Omar

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