Warpaint @ Bowery Ballroom

Over here at S&D, we have never posted about the same show twice before. Elree saw Warpaint at Neumos last week in Seattle, I was supposed to meet him there but I already had tickets for the NY show. So boom, the ladies get a second post just like that. I headed out with jewelry designer Luiny Rivera Gelpi and we were met by painter Jonathan Torres. After a couple drinks I realized I was gonna have to go into paparazzi mode, I wanted to take pics of the band of course, but man the girls at the show were just fucking AWESOME! I mean these ladies are the artsy ones with the rad hair and awesome vintage accessories from far away somewhere who express how much they love their small boobs, I fucking love it! So before Warpaint even hit the stage I was on the hunt to capture some of these sexy beasts. I have to admit there were some unicorns that were so intimidating I couldn’t even bring myself to ask them for a picture. Not even with the help of a giant camera, business card or that liquid courage I was sipping on…Either way, as long as I didn’t panic while surrounded by all these mythical creatures, the night would be great, as it was. Warpaint is rad and they make me want to go to the desert, do peyote and dance with rattle snakes…

Pick up the album “The Fool” here

[itunes link=”http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/warpaint/id392612860?i=392612921&uo=4″ title=”Warpaint – The Fool”]

– Omar……this one is for you JP!

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