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Warby Parker: Home-Try-On

A couple months ago, I posted about Warby Parker, an eyewear line that devotes to people looking good AND doing good. Or in this case, seeing well (which I can personally attest to). 😉 After months of eye-squinting and headaches, I’ve finally decided to try some WPs.

Thanks to Warby Parker’s Home-Try-On Program, you can pick up to 5 frames to try on at home FOR FREE. After 5 days, you return them (again, free shipping and handling), and go onto to the site any time you wish to purchase the one/s you like!

I just got my kit yesterday, and I’ve narrowed my choices down to 3 frames. And let me tell you, with WP’s line being super snazzy, this is a hard choice to make! Not only are their frames stylish, but they’re also durable; both qualities that are hard to find in prescription glasses that cost less than 300 buckaroos.

Below are my choices. Go ahead and help me out by picking which one you like best. Leave comments here or tweet @demandandsupply and @ninjessica


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