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Virtual Boy, Mux Mool Recap!

Low End Theory has built a solid foundation in San Francisco and continue to bring in skilled performing acts. We gravitated towards the Lower end last Friday and would like to share some videos with you. Here are some video sets of Virtual boy and Mux Mool. Check back soon for videos of Syd from Odd Future. Enjoy.

Virtual boy brought tons of energy to the crowd, and was fun to watch. I will be making my purchase of their album being released by Alpha Pup titled, Symphony No. None B-Sides for only $3.96.

This was also my first time seeing Mux Mool, and I instantly became a bigger fan.
We always have a good time at Low End Theory and I’m lightweight jealous the Airliner gets this every Wednesday. The residents always put on a great show, bringing different sets, and fresh music to the scene. No video will justify the presence of the godfathers of Low End Theory. So come check it out in September.

Thank you 1015 for delivering another dope night, your security staff is top notch, your bartenders are hella quick, and your sound system never distorts.

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