Videographer, Jesse Montini-Vose

I met Jesse a long time ago, I think it was 1997 and he showed me the ropes at the local Subway sandwich shop. It was hilarious because he ran through the training process so fast and kinda mumbling, I pretty much had no idea how to do my job for several shifts. It was only like a week or so later we got off work and he invited me over to his mom’s house. He showed me some music he was working on, then we blazed and just listened to music. Lots of time was spent up in his room with all our buddies over the next several years making music, art and coming up with ways to make it out his moms house. Jesse is the epitome of Artist, in almost any medium (Painting, Music, Sculpture etc.) of creation he can provide his own spin on a piece and you can see his artistic signature. These days he is locked in his basement making rad videos for likes of Microsoft, Businesses, Artists, Bands and ridiculous people like ME!

The “Cowboy” video was commissioned over a beer and a crappy vegan sandwich, the soup was great although! Shot when I was visiting Seattle, it was a small vision of a guy walking down the street, maybe throwing high fives and pointing at his buddies. After a Rainier beer and a quick conversation we (Jesse, Lou and I) scrapped the idea of even going outside, the sun was going down anyways. Louie took the helm, sat down, then “Masterminded” the sequencing/story boards in a blazing 15 minutes. That’s right, a “Masterpiece” of modern history planned in 15 then recorded in 2 hours! Ok, so my video is not going to be in the MOMA or really anywhere at all except for Faceypage (and here I guess…) We laughed are asses off for 2 hours and that’s what counts right? Either way expect Jesse in a Museum when he is about 43 (2024) or somewhere around that time.

Check out Jesse’s Vimeo Here, as well his YouTube Here.

P.S. Rainier I could be the illest beer rep right now, I still got the stache.

– Omar

Cowboy Vegas Trip x Ron Caesar

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