TRANSIT – A Film by Hannah Espia

In 2009 the Israeli government passed a new law allowing the children of foreign workers to be deported back to their parents’ country. Transit depicts the inter-connected lives of overseas workers who struggle to prevent their children from being deported to the Philippines even though they have lived and worked in Tel Aviv for years. Filmed on location, the viewer is transported to a country filled with culture and history and given an intimate look at the protagonists lives dealing with the struggles of family, identity and finding a place in a foreign land.

DIRECTOR: Hannah Espia
Producer: Paul Soriano
Editor: Hannah Espia, Benjamin Tolentino
Screenwriter: Giancarlo Abrahan, Hannah Espia
Cinematographer: Ber CruzLyle, Nemenzo Sacris
Music: Mon Espia
Principal Cast: Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Marc Justine Alvarez, Irma Adlawan, Ping Medina, Mercedes Cabral
Filmography: Debut Feature
Print Source: Electric Entertainment

Catch TRANSIT ‘s North American Premiere at the Palm Springs International Film Festival this weekend.

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