Tiny Messengers, EP

Tiny Messengers is lead by an underground legend, Kimo Muraki. This guy holds more talent in his pinky finger than you do in your wildest most craziest dreams where you can fly and . Let me put it to you like this, dude is SO GOOD that he has been constantly recruited as THE secret weapon to take recordings/bands in to that next realm where the good becomes great. Kimo can literally play anything that makes a sound, he could poke you in the stomach pull on your hair and stomp on your foot and an amazing song would be made (I’m not joking). I wish off the top of my head I could spout off all the amazing bands, recordings and accolades this one man has achieved, to list them all would be completely ridiculous. Although for a tiny example, in the mid 90’s a good friend of mine JP would watch him play with the funk band Super Sonic Soul Pimps. Too bad I didn’t go to shows yet, it was simply skate or die at that time (and DAS IT). Kimo is a nothing short of a master of musical art and has been around the music scene for quite some time. I met Kimo about 4-5 years ago, at that time my friends over at Hallways (watch the video for “Signs” Kimo gets nakey) somehow convinced Kimo to join the crew and put his special touch on every recording and performance for a couple of years. But rather than point you in the direction of his past, let’s dive in to his future, Tiny Messangers! When I was in Seattle the last time (10 months or so ago), a handful of friends and myself headed to the Comet Tavern to see Tiny Messengers and get some drank. I had no idea Kimo had formed and was fronting a new band, since I had never seen him outside of being the special sauce on the side, I had no idea what he was about to bring to the stage. Kimo and his band played all the songs that are featured on the Tiny Messengers EP, the moment the set started, I looked over to my friend Grant and said “holy shit, AND he can sing?!?!” Grant looked back with his eyes wide and nodded his head. The songs are so honest and moving while remaining simple/classic with an undeniable driving force. If you listen to any of the songs at the right time, you should begin to  reflect on whatever is most important to you. The last track “My Lady” really floors me….I just wanna take a stroll through a magical setting, with an amazing woman, seriously this song should be a peak moment in a brilliant movie. Please come to Brooklyn Tiny Messengers!!!

If you are in or around the Seattle area, you NEED to go to Kimo’s next show, Tiny Messengers will be opening for the fantastic Sophie Barker of  Zero 7. I am a huge Zero 7 fan and Kimo is the fucking man! I am slapping myself in the mouth for not being able to attend!

– Omar

Tiny Messengers EP
Tiny Messengers



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