Tia London – Love Junkie EP

YO…..I said YO AiE YO! This lady Tia from the CHi is getting hooked up with some premium production, as well her writing is dope (shit, I hope its her writing)! Its like old Estelle combined with Drake, I had never heard about this lady until stumbling on a link via twitter from The Legendary Traxster. Seems like Traxter has Tia under his wing, lacing up her whole EP “Love Junkie” with some ill, automatic head nod beats/chops and linking her with his long time associate Twista. Don’t get it twisted, this is NOT some mixtape with jacked beats, random live freestyles from last year that has only two original songs.  I can’t even front, when I first read the name for some reason I thought for sure it was Theophilus London’s little sister, blazed wishful thinking maybe??? I did a couple searches across the interwebs trying to figure out when and where this girl came from, but man, there is nothing out there on this lady. So for now she will just be a mystery getting spins from me in the apt (definitely playing a track at Jill’s party this weekend). The EP carries along quite nicely, a commercial/radio friendly sampling of every type of song a major Urban station, may, or may not play. Traxter’s signature Chi town drum patterns on “Pulling My Hair Out” kick the EP off with that synthy futuresque rap sound (producers are reaching for constantly), Tia chimes in saying her own name muffled under heavy autotune in a sense announcing her musical arrival. Love Junkie starts off fairly laid back, just bitching about old relationships, then takes time to slow down to an Aaliyah tempo on “Thinking Bout It”, then building back up to serving up a club style track like “Go!” with that Atl Trapp sound (you know that synth string). Towards the end of the EP the material starts to become very reminiscent/reflective, all the songs are named straight forward so no need for me to really explain much (you know a bunch of lust…..then you break up, then you talk about all of it), “Dedicated To My Exes” is my shiiieeet!!!

Tia London “Love Junkie” EP, Free Download

– Omar

P.S. So I really had to grapple with myself as whether or not to include the video for “Nothing On You” in the header of this post. I mean shit, I realize it’s a “No Budget” Video, but damn yo, she could have been filmed buying chips at the corner store and it would have made more of an artistic image/impact/connection. I realize it’s an attempt to give her a rounded image, but shit, there a’int shit cool about standing in front of a green screen pretending to play guitar (is there any guitar even on the EP?) Let’s not get started on the makeup…All good tho, her music is what this EP is about right?! Make a couple bucks Tia and make sure the next video fucking kills it to make up for this one!!!

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