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Throwback: Empire Records

Last night, I was going through another bout of nostalgia and had the urge to watch the movie Empire Records. The 1995 flick stars Liv Tyler, Renée Zellweger, Ethan Embry, Robin Tunney, Johnny Whitworth and Rory Cochrane, just to name a few.

I hadn’t watched this movie in years, and it was refreshing to revisit the era’s fashion, music and not to mention, teenage rebellion and angst. Watching this reignited my fantasies of working at a record store when I was in high school. Sadly, I never fulfilled those dreams, but hey, watching this movie numerous times (along with other record store-based films) sufficed.

Of worthy note is the soundtrack, which is a no-brainer, and Liv Tyler’s school girl/grunge ensemble, pairing up a plaid skirt and combat boots. Oh, and can I just add how gorgeous she was? She still is…ugh, doesn’t it make you sick? 😉 And of course, I just have to also mention Ethan Embry’s stoner character, Mark. Back then, he was the adorably awkward equivalent of today’s Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg. I’m not afraid to admit that I had a huge crush on Ethan, especially in this movie. He’s O.G.!

If you love music and you haven’t seen this movie yet, you better get on it. “DAMN THE MAN!” See the trailer below.


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