Theophilus London – Why Even Try ft. Sara Quin

The official video for “Why Even Try” ft. Sara Quin off Theophilus London’s Lovers Holiday EP! The video is a play on privacy, being constantly bombarded by cameras whether its on a webcam or from paparazzi, and its intrusion in our lives. The chorus, “just living a lie, never been like that, why even try, why even try to change” rings through the air as the flashing lights goes off, a clever film direction executed by Bryan Schlam’s and Theophilus London’s vision.

I’ve been a fan of both Theophilus London and Sara Quin of indie rock band Tegan and Sara for quite some time now, but to see these two collaborate on a song, is music to my ears!

Director/Editor: Bryan Schlam
Director of Photography/Colorist: Pat Scola
Producer: Natalie Johns (
Associate Producer: Melissa Kovner
Commissioner: Devin Sarno

Download the Lovers Holiday EP on
[itunes link=”″ title=”Lovers Holiday”]


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