THEESatisfaction @ Cameo Gallery 3/10/2012

Holy. Fucking. Shit. I have spent all Saturday just trying to wrap my mind around how far these two ladies have come. I am literally sitting here trying to type this just shaking my head back and forth. It was just about three or so years ago I saw them at Chop Suey on Capitol Hill in Seattle, their awesome outfits that night had me curious off the bat. Cat and Stas looked like they had just stepped outta a time machine, as if they had just left the Huxtable house kickin it with Denise and Vanessa. I was with a friend Jen, she pointed them out, then she said something like “They are so dope, I really want to sign them, wait until you hear their music”! Some time went by and I had never really heard any of their stuff yet. My introduction was when I caught a performance of Cat and Stas performing ”Magnetic Blackness”, a collaboration with Champagne Champagne. During that first experience I stopped bouncing around for a second to really take a look and see if they would deliver on Jen’s hype, they came charging out of the speakers with piles of righteousness. But clearly over the last couple years I have missed the evolution of the beast that is, THEESatisfaction. I arrived part way through one of the opening acts Cookies, they were good, but cute, I didn’t come for cute. I came for Black Power Woman Rap music! I mean last night was an hour of straight HEAT! These ladies are not only good at what they do, but they have a sonic style all their own. Slippery raps combined with harmonies over wild drum patterns making this flurry of music that is just intoxicating. The set was like a race of rap madness, I was just trying to keep up. I would catch myself just staring at them in disbelief, asking myself “are they really doing this”!?! Then looking back at the crowd bouncing with just huge smiles that just said keep going. I had my face scrunched tough the entire set, just getting slapped in face track after track. At one point, maybe about half way through the set I was just laughing and shaking my head “does this ever end, this is too rad”!? It is clear, Cat and Stas are a force that is going to grow and grow. I walked out of the show thinking, “well, it’s gonna cost double to see them next time……”

THEESatisfaction just shot their first music video for the new single “Queens”, shot in BK amongst the Brown Stones channeling some more of that Huxtable feel. Also Cat and Stas are the second hip hop group to be signed to Sub Pop, THEESat’s are scheduled to release awE naturalE on March 27.

– Omar

P.S. Okay, just realized they produce their own tracks, these girls really got it.


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