The Liza Colby Sound @ Don Hill’s

Alright I was supposed to post this about 2 weeks ago, buuuut the morning after I witnessed The Liza Colby Sound I headed straight to JFK where I got on my flight to Seattle to endure a whole bunch of meetings, then drinking and then both at the same time. To say the least it was a pretty righteous business trip big shout out to the good people at I.C.E.! I have got to also say, I wandered into the Liza Colby Sound show on accident, I was there to hear a friend of a friends dj, I  think? I was pretty twisted and my footage suffered a bit, I thought the night was over?! Anyways it is a real good thing LCS was playing that night because the music that came on after they were done was not my bag at all, some crazy electronic dance stuff. So LCS salvaged my late night trip to Don Hill’s. LCS had the place moving, there were not a whole lot of people there but it felt like we should all have been crammed into a dope ass muscle car barreling down some highway! Me and Sauce agree that she has a nice slice of Tina Turner to her performance and of course with those legs, yyeeeaaaooow!!! LCS uses lots of classic rock/blues elements so I am not going to make musical comparisons, just watch the video if Liza’s little red dress is intriguing enough to pull you in.

R.I.P. Don Hill

– Omar

LCS from Emerald Gold on Vimeo.

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