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The First Times “I’ll Get Along”, “Way Too Long”

The good ‘ol boys from The First Times just dropped two new sweet tracks for you to get your sexy summer saunter to. You know that strut that comes out under the influence of a couple drinks, as well its a bit too hot outside (unless your in the 206, where people always walk cool and apparently its not hot there anymore, ever, again…), the ground seems to be holding on to the bottom of your shoes, old people are collapsing while their yapping lap dog seems a little too quite today, your shirt is now apart of your skin, your big buddy JonJon is a walking slip’n’slide and you gotta keep it moving. I am aware that last sentence was preeeeetty fucked, I am listening to Way Too Long trying not to collapse, it must be 100 degrees in this BK apartment. Either way, this is perfect music for a seduction at sunset while stepping out from your favorite dive, yea your stepping out to have a smoke (only when you drink right?) but it just so happens, that the hot something you have been eyeballin from across the musty darkness just stepped out too. The beautiful shit hole you two frequent for cheap shots is as hot as its been all day (when the building is still radiating, but the air outside cools), now is the time to make that move, there is no time like…….The First Times!

P.S. Go to CapHillBlockParty, The First Times will be there! So will some 70 other rad groups!!!! I am fucking a real piece of work for missing this……..

Check out their BandCamp page, for all available songs!

– Omar

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