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Telli-Ninjasonik x Skrillex “Scary People & Nice Nights”

Ninjasonik is here to remind fans that they do not live within any boundaries when it comes to musical genres.  Inspired by Skrillex’s Live show Telli has dished out his interpretation of the electrodance records influenced by his messages as he races accross Scary People and Nice Nights track displaying thoughts inspired by Skrillex’s amazing beat bending production. More to come!

I just got the email for this, coincidentally I was chillin and seen Telli at the bar the other day. We said wassup, everyone had drinks and good time was had. I was curious what he could be up to since the last time I dropped by the set for his BET rip the Runway video shoot (damn I still have not seen the footage!?) As per usual the homie comes extra nice with it and linking with one of the biggest DJs right now, yikes. So here is a lil slice of Telli in progress, stay tuned kiddos.

“your favorite rager/cool as a fan, good in the hood/huge in japan, we do what we want you/do what you can” – Telli

– Omar

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