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Warby Parker: Home-Try-On

A couple months ago, I posted about Warby Parker, an eyewear line that devotes to people looking good AND doing good. Or in this case, seeing well¬†(which I can personally attest to). ūüėČ After months of eye-squinting and headaches, I’ve finally decided to try some […]

Belle of the Brawl

Belle of the Brawl a.k.a. BOTB is the le sophistiqu√© evolution of the already existing female bad-assness of Hellz Bellz. The line itself can be described as the creator’s (Lanie Alabanza) “fashion-tastic” journey through the years. The Hellz Bellz brand is based on the vision […]


Trend alert: bedazzled tights! I, personally, am a huge fan of decorating my stems; to me… bright, eccentric and loud are the only ways to don tights and leggings. ūüėČ The more fun, the better! Recently, the fashion runways have exhibited bedazzled tights thanks to […]

I see your panties!

French label, Pull-in, is about to unleash some underwear that you will WANT to show off. Hitting stores next month, the line features Marvel designs for both men and women, as well as tongue-in-cheek designs that unbashfully read “Open.” Since Valentine’s Day is in a […]

Neon Flux

Well, it has definitely been awhile and I apologize for being M.I.A., but…HAPPY NEW YEAR, MY LOVELIES! What better way to start 2012 than with a bright outlook on this upcoming year?! Speaking of which (nice segue, eh?), I never thought I would say this […]

Do good. Look good.

It’s funny to think that an¬†object that once only served as a purpose to correct one’s vision, has now become such a fashion craze. Moreover, “back then,” only the uncool (geeks, nerds and dorks) wore glasses. Now the uncool have prevailed, and the saying “Nerd […]

Attention LA Shoppers!

The American Apparel Factory Flea Market is going on now through October 31st in downtown Los Angeles. My girlfriend and I checked it out yesterday and I deemed it “my Disneyland.” Their sale prices are mad craze; I bought 4 items for under 60 buckaroos. […]

Missoni x Target

I’m always a big fan of Target and high-end designer collabos because shoppers can add designer duds to their closets for bargain prices. This time, Target paired with Itay’s¬†Missoni to scheme up a fun line comprised of clothing, bags, swimsuits, and yes, even a bicycle! […]

Vans x Hellz

Yet ANOTHER Vans collabo! I have to give Vans props for always being on the forefront when it comes to staying on top of the time’s latest trends, especially in shoes. This time, they team up with one of my fave edgy-femme-fatale¬†lines,¬†Hellz Bellz. Vans and […]

Get off my cloud

Hey art and surf¬†lovers, now is the time to go to Venice to check out Insight’s exhibition “Get off my cloud” by¬†Steve Gorrow (Insight’s Creative Director) and¬†Peter Crawford. Swirling together images of iconic surfers and¬†painfully gorgeous¬†images of the ocean waves with a kaleidoscopic twist, this […]

Hello Kitty x Vans

My obsession with Hello Kitty is currently on overload. Last month, I posted about the collabo between Doc Martens and Sanrio. NOW Vans and Sanrio have put their noggins together to¬†whip up¬†an overbearingly cute Hello Kitty shoe¬†line. Call me crazy, but I don’t mind the […]

Spike it!

I used to be a¬†little indifferent¬†towards the whole spike headband trend for women…reminded me too much of Bowser from Super Mario Brothers. However,¬†recently, it has started to grow on me. Even with the most daring looks that¬†a majority of folks¬†would consider absurd, if donned the […]

Mama said knock you out!

Last month, I posted about De La Barracuda Boxing Club, and ever since that first post, I’ve been going to get my boom-pow fix. It’s official; I’m addicted. Not only does Alex push you beyond your limits during each grueling minute of class, but the […]

De La Barracuda x Boxing

De La Barracuda has got to be one of my favorite spots on Melrose. Not only does it sell some of¬†the freshest ¬†threads, but it also has a hair salon and just recently, they’ve opened a boxing club! Whaaaat?! When you walk in, you will […]

Cream of the Crop

The Crop Top has made its comeback! I remember sportin’ these in the 80s with my ruffled skirt, and of course I had the kid version because showing off my tummy would have just been straight up Lolita status. Even Mom used to rock crop […]