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Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers (Video)

Ah ha! So this is what the (Untiteled) video seemed to be pointing in the direction of. I get it now, she was stranded on a beach frustrated stabbing the sand (how she got there is the mystery!), then her dude showed up and was […]

Lykke Li (untitled)

Lykke is on my list of reasons why I need to go to Sweden. I already have some tickets for when she comes to Webster Hall on May 18! It is so rad to watch the cuteness shed off young female musicians as they go […]

Little Dragon, Theophilis London @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Met up with two hotties in willyburg last night to have some miso, sushi and sapporo. On some nights this can be all you need for a good time, not this night though. This was merely the launch pad for a great night at the […]