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Girls like decks

Psh, as if girls couldn’t keep up in a “man’s world.” Females have been a part of the skate world for many years; in fact back in the 1960s, there were skate competitions for both men AND women. In this evergrowing culture, skate has become more […]

Skateistan: To Live & Skate in Kabul

Last night I had dinner with the Vice President of the Philippines. We discussed foreign policy with journalists ranging from Time Magazine, U.S. News, to the Economist. There, I met the project director for Foreign Affairs Magazine who recently spent 8 months in Afghanistan attempting […]

Slap Mag One In A Million contest

SF’s famous skate spots, great tricks and some hungry young guns earning their stripes! Most people will never see/understand the infinite dynamics of going to a spot and skating it (especially if you have never been there). Very exciting to watch if you have ever […]