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Meet our guest contributor Outhorn Keophila

Outhorn Keophila Twitter @outhornk Oregon native and Seattle transplant — Outhorn (pronounced like oo-ton) is a creature of habit when it comes to Rugby,Traveling, Culinary, Music, City Dwelling, Cycling, Coffee, Laughing, and Tech+ Gadgets. Humbled and cultured by his travel experiences throughout Europe, Asia and […]

Meet Sheila Salenga

Meet our newest member, Sheila Salenga! Sheila was breeded, seeded, born, and raised in San Francisco. She considers herself to be a music junkie, connoisseur of good food, budget fashionista, art/photography addict, and a student of culture. Oh, and not to mention, an SF Giants […]

Meet Jess Correos

Meet our newest member Jess Correos! Describing herself as “a gal with kick-ass skills and a heart of gold,” Jess Correos a.k.a. “Ninjess” or “Ninjessica” finds enjoyment in wearing many hats; she is a music fiend, art lover, fashion aficionada, movie buff, sports enthusiast and science geek […]