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Malice and Mario Sweet – Happy 2 Year (EP)

Yo whhhaaaat!!! This is a two person soul machine with a “Flux Capacitor”, this EP seems to tie together several generations of soul, wrap it all up like a delicious burrito, stuff that burrito in a cannon and shoot it all into the future. It […]

Malice and Mario Sweet – Speed of Light (video)

Malice and Mario have a nice quaint visual to go with their AMAZING song. Its great to see the pair interact and get a sense of their being. If you did not already, download this ASAP. I can’t stress enough, this is the Seattle R&B […]

Malice and Mario Sweet “Speed of Light”

Let me start by saying I just listened to this track three times in a row! Malice and Mario are a couple from Seattle who sing back up for ‘The Physics’. “Speed of Light” is the lead song off their EP entitled Happy Two Year. […]