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Jay-Z & Kanye West ft. Otis Redding “Otis”

WoooooooMuthfucinHoooooooo!!!!! Nothing better than two of the BEST in the game as well as best buds trading verses (I love raw shit with no chorus!) over a fucking chop (to even touch an Otis track!???!) so good no drums or bass are even necessary! This […]

“Watch The Throne”

Oooookay peoples, I have not pre-ordered a retail version of a CD (yuuup, just happened) ever, I think. Since I can’t imagine myself remembering that I should go to the “Record Store”, aka Best Buy/Target (for you cats who live in the cutz). For this […]

Dia Frampton – Heartless (Cover) The Voice

I’ve been a fan of Dia for some time now, not only because of her unique and beautiful voice but her style and humbleness. Dia has been involved in music all her life, performing at small venues and big, but I was surprised to see […]

Kanye West’s “ok we get it” legendary theatrical Coachella Performance

“My biggest disappointment in life is not being able to see myself perform live.” After last night’s Coachella performance, Kanye may actually have a valid profound point. Ordinarily, for music festivals, especially ones held in deserts which are predominantly attended by thousands of joint rolling, […]

2011 MTV Woodie Award Winners

The MTV Woodies have always been about recognizing music voted best by college students. With its emphasis on emerging artists, the award show gives an opportunity for them to perform in front of their eager fans. This year Donald Glover hosted the show, with special […]

Kanye West: All of the Lights

The video for Kanye West’s single ‘All of the Lights’ dropped this weekend and it is dominated by flahsing full-screen text that can only be compared to the credits sequence for Gaspar Noe‘s Enter the Void. (Designed by Tom Kan and Thorsten Fleisch) Is it […]


So what happens when two people of epic monstrosity sit down for dinner at Nello’s in Manhattan? Probably eating some fancy “H.A.M.”,  and it probably tastes really G.O.O.D. Take a look at the artwork done by Riccardo Tisci, who also happens to be the creative director […]