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Little Dragon-Ritual Union

Seriously some illll ass shit yo! Little Dragon is definitely bringing my summer to a higher level. If your BBQing, blazing it up, tossing back a tall can, cleaning that dirty ass house/room of yours, or washing your car/bike, or just dancing…knock the shit out […]

LAKIM - Angels With Filthy Souls - AWFS Cover For Blogs

La La La Lakim!

Here at S&D we are big fans of the homie Lakim…Check the post we did a few months back here. Lakim’s newest release, Angels With Filthy Souls, is solid. One of best records yet..and it’s free! Similar to his previous release, Taking Trips, Lakim still […]


Trebles & Blues

The Blue Note by Trebles and Blues was released early last month and is Powerfully soulful and inspiring. Trebles and Blues keeps his edits and samples tight; offering a vintage jazzy sound with current hip hop steez. If there are any MC’s out there looking […]

Picture 14

Lakim Bryant..?!

So..maybe it’s just me, but has anyone heard of Lakim Bryant? I discovered Lakim Allah Shewan on my daily stumble through SoundCloud; his music is new, fresh and inspired. Each track is a cosmic journey of sorts, weaving between hip hop, soul, jazz and electronic […]


Who is Esperanza Spalding

After surprising many at the 2011 Grammy Awards, Best New Artist Grammy award winner Esperanza Spalding is not new to the music scene. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, she tought herself how to play the violin by the age of 5. She also played […]