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Stones Throw Records 4.20 Recapped.

Greetings to all. Getting lifted to old school grooves, reggae, funk, boogie 80’s, and hip hop never dulls the night, especially on 4.20. Last Friday, I attended Stones Throw Records 4.20 party and Groove Theories 1 year Anniversary! The audience stayed lifted, and gigged to the various genres of music pounding out of the speakers. It was a very diverse and active crowd.

The front room pioneers Apollo, Shortkut, Mind Motion, Sake 1, and Mr. Fran Boogie had the crowd ripping the floors continuously. Yup, in CIRCLES, super gigging! While the back hosted Jonti, Jon Wayne, Souls of Mischief, Dam-funk, and Peanut Butter Wolf, the mastermind of Stones Throw Record!

When I hear Hiero, I’m there. Bay area love all dam day! Souls of Mischief came on stage energized, gifted, and lifted. I could never get tired of listening to there classic hip hop sound. I listen to them on my phone, in my car, and on my laptop. Its always in my music rotation. Let me ask you this, how many artists can you constantly listen to and continue to get amped when they step on stage? I thought so. Oh, and if you still don’t know who Hieroglyphics are? click. And listen to all their new shit. They keep it fresh mang. California living! Check out my youtube I caught them last year at Rock the Bells too.

I had a great 4.20 cruising with the homie @driniii! Even though we showed up a bit late, I was able to catch up with Dam-Funk!!! He was live in action, taking everyone in a time machine towards 80’s G-funk. Shit was nostalgic! This dude, is fucking cool. Check out the footage below.

Ending the night on stage was Peanut Butter Wolf, the creator of Stones Throw Records. He truly reminded me of how much dope shit you can find surfing in the clouds. With technology now, you can be 18 years old and dig videos and music when your parents were the same age. Peanut Butter Wolf’s set was straight vintage. He played what he wanted while we grooved and reminisced. There is really no words to describe his set. Shit was mind boggling for me. If you missed it, you missed out. So next time he’s in town, get your ass off that couch, grab some friends, and go to the show.

On top of all these great acts, Groove theory has been picking up some traction. Check out their Facebook. If you wanna dance, come out to their events.

As for 1015, keep the parties coming, the air circulating and the speakers tuned! Until next time, thanks for reading the post and make sure to also check out Low End Theory next Friday, and tomorrow night’s event, Angels and Demons costume ball!

“one groove, one vibe, one love”

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