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Spike it!

I used to be a little indifferent towards the whole spike headband trend for women…reminded me too much of Bowser from Super Mario Brothers. However, recently, it has started to grow on me. Even with the most daring looks that a majority of folks would consider absurd, if donned the right way, the end result is fabulous! I like how the spike headband can add rawness to even the most feminine ensembles. It can be paired with something as simple as a black cardigan, white t-shirt, gray jeans and ballet flats, or for those who have a wilder flair for fashion, sport it with a lacy top, leather jacket, acid wash jeans and Doc Martens. Ladies, regardless of what end of the spectrum you may be when it comes to style, the spike headband adds a little somethin-somethin to your look. And you know what? If anyone tries to mess with you, take that ish off, swing it and you’ve got yourself a weapon. Multi-use items are awesome!


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