Sia @ Webster Hall, NYC

Two nights ago I got me another taste of the lovely and quite cheeky Sia Furler. There is something so amazing about her onstage banter which she has perfected over the years. In between songs she makes everyone in the room her best friend through small witty jokes, brash sexual humor and straight forward honesty. But lets not steer away from the real truth of things, Sia is one of the most powerful voices of the last 8 or so years. Her Parents Phil Colson and Loene Furler were in an Adelaide rockabilly band, The Soda Jerks. Before she was known to the public as a solo artist, she sang backing vocals for Jamiroquai. Next she released “Healing is Difficult”, the only studio album I don’t own….Yet! Then she killed three fucking amazing albums with Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker, if you live with me you know how often these are playing in my room. Somewhere as those Zero 7 albums came out, “Colour the Small One” changed the face of dance recitals with the track Breathe Me, I’m serious!?! Then “Some People Have Real Problems” came through blew my brains out and I bought almost everything off her website…….I’m talking Sia balloons, shoe laces, handkerchief, canvas printed thingy (I need to frame that) and I got the black tee shirt with the album art that I wear so fucking much. My order was so extensive they gave me some free stuff too, yes!!! I mean, I am sort of a fanatic, sometimes I watch Blue Crush just for the hotel scene when the track Destiny plays…. Last year in 2010 she did just I had hoped, make some people dance, dance like fucking crazy! Either way the other night I got another Sia shirt, the one with her dog! It was a great time as always, several of her songs must be heard live, be sure to catch her if you can while she is on tour!!!

P.S. That is Sia with her mum in the headline photo.

P.S.S. Special thanks to Robert Shaheen for the PICS!

– Omar
Sia by SiaMusic




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