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Shlomo, Tokimonsta, Daedelus!

We were gracefully greeted by Shlomo with a couple of kind words, then the frequency was turned up. His approach and creativity was progressed as each bass line dropped. It was music to my ears, and really I’m really liking the kid. This was my first time hearing him, then again watching him do, what he does live.His beats were twisted, deep, and smooth. Keep it up yo, looking forward to more of your new iiish!

Tokimosta was feeling that gangsta funk. Tons of fun. A smile would crack out here and there, it was truly inspirational. I got love for any girl, who could go up on the glitches and breaks the way she can. Her set was dirty funky, and the crowd responded well. Everybody was literally going nutz, especially the females! There was a lot of support from local beat heads. Shes nice yo, seems quite, but she has a great mind. The video I loaded has a bit of her set, so check it out. I will look forward to seeing you back in the BAY Tokimonsta, that’s if your reading this. 🙂

Daedelus, What can i say… If you didn’t know him, after last night you will know him. I understand his mind. He had a mass turn out of fans, taking pictures with him, before and after the set. I went up to Daedelus to show some love and he was super chilled. Very humble and calm, in a way, total opposite from his set. The way you appear can’t define who you are. Its only a perception that’s created by others. This happens when you unleash something simply amazing and creative…It changes you. It was dope getting a glimpse of his mind collected, and in the works. Daedelus, I am a fan.

Your wondering how did these guys end up in San Francisco? Change the Beat Tuesdays at Som Bar. I didn’t get a chance to chop it up with this crew, but I’m looking forward to coming back next Tuesday. Change the beat, has been going for about a year now, and next Tuesday they are bringing one of the most illest mofos to this game right now… Mr. Dibiase! Yes! See you guys next week at Som bar, Let’s connect.

Last show of this Tour will be in Pomona at Glasshouse, So you Pomona locals, go check it out!

Heres a link to some footage I was able to capture, Shlomo, Tokimonsta, Daedelus!

The night was real delicious, and I had a hefty serving of beats!


S&D San Francsico

P.S. It was another Bay Connect.

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