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Shaprece “Scatterbrain” EP Release Party W/Fresh Espresso, July 2nd @ The Crocodile

Shaprece has been a good friend of mine for several years, we met one day on Broadway in the CapHill neighborhood at a small Boutique, we just talked music, and been homies ever since. I think a lot of people in the 206 (myself included) have been buggin this “Lady” for an actual, whole, entire, finished project! As the world will always turn, she now has a nice little polished piece to unleash on the 206/interwebs/universe! The Scatterbrain EP is a 6 track taste test of several different music styles, all of which comprise “Lady Shaprece”. I know there are more styles hiding, buuut in due time tho…. Changing musical styles from track to track is one of my favorite approaches, it really gives you an idea of how diverse an artist can be at a moments notice or later, even fully encompass. All I can say is, Jay Battle and PSMOOV saute some fresh beats, while Shaprece grills a great SLAB assortment vocally. The boundaries are definitely pushed on a couple tracks, which is a great lead to how she will bend/mold into a very special and unique style all her own. Get to the Crocodile (old school dope shit!) on Saturday July 2nd, party with Fresh Espresso and Shaprece!

– Omar


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