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Sergio Davila Fall // Winter 2014 presentation

“On a trip to Brazil, I found myself amazed by a free spirited group of gypsies. These culturally caravans of people on horseback can still be found moving from place to place throughout South America. I have taken a small token references from their lifestyle – one rich with color, earth tones, and an adventure filled history – as inspiration for the Fall/Winter collection.”

– Sergio


This morning I hit up the Sergio Davila presentation at Rogue studio in Chelsea NYC, the sun was cutting down through the window for a great natural key light. A couple things I liked; the full length slacks, the black leather jacket, the black blending to blue sweater and the gypsy smoky eye makeup. Buuuut there were some looks in there that made me say in my head “I would not hang out with that guy at a party”. The line seemed to lack a cohesive anchor, a dude may look preppy by day and tear it up at Burning Man every year. But as a collection it didn’t seem to mesh.



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