Santigold @ Music Hall of Williamsburg 1/17/12

Thank the gods, Santi White is baaaaacccckkkkkk!!!!!! It feels like every summer since “I Believe In Santogold” came out I keep wondering when she is gonna hook me up with that next fix?!? For serious, I had my own apartment at the time, I would have one man dance prefunk parties, TRUST ME, the neighbors knew the entire album, I had that shit cranked, speakers slappin and all that shit! There were some small features that came through here and there, “My Drive Through” or “Gifted”. It was nice to get those small pieces when I was in serious Santi withdrawals (2009/2010), but man what a wait it has been. I swear I am usually aware when the best shows are jumpin off in the NYC/Seattle area, I don’t remember seeing a show from this lady in a HOT minute (I could be wrong)? What really kicked my addiction back in to reality was seeing her song used for a Bud Light commercial, I was like “aawwwwe fuuuck, it’s over, she must have retired to become a monk somewhere and her people just sold her crazy ass down the river”. I was drunk when I said that, there was no proof to support such a crazy paranoid thought, but shit, I am drinking a Bud right now and I know those fuckers probably pay REAL nice. There is a huge plus side to this wait for new Santi material and new Santi shows. She is keeping it fucking old school! I love it! I can really feel the anticipation, she has had time to marinate and let the sauce cook. Nowadays artists just toss out mix tapes, viral crap, stupid interviews, shit collaborations and strange marketing tactics just to stay in the lime light. Most of this country (USA and there are others too) has a severe case of ADHD, people forget what you said/did 5 minutes ago. The public has become, well, ok shit am I REALLY getting into this? No. Santigold’s show was nothing short of “Retro Future Super Fly Shit”. Gotdamn I love hearing her music super loud! Her dancers (crushing tough on those ladies) mixed everything from early 90’s moves, interpretive dance, umbrellas and several costume changes (props to the choreographer). Santi’s band had on all white outfits with white rubber hair (Kool Kieth’s Black Elvis, Will I Am did it too) that looked like it was out of a comic book, so rad! Well, if Santigold comes to your area and you skip out on the shit, WE are not friends and never will be (kinda joking). Don’t get it twisted, her show will sell out fast, I mean fucking faster than the road runner on a good day. Don’t blow it, be there, bring your party shoes.

– Omar

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  1. Ilham Mezyan
    Posted 20 Jan ’12 at 2:20 pm | Permalink

    WICKED !!!!!! Brooklyn you go hard !!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up !!!!!!!!! :))

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