Rudy’s Barbershop Documentary

Rudy’s Barbershop is a chain of barbershops founded in Seattle, Washington and located primarily on the West Coast. The first Rudy’s was opened by Alex Calderwood, David Petersen and Wade Weigel in 1992. They are known for their casual, retro-hip aesthetic. I’ve been going to this barbershop since the late 90’s and my experiences have always been top notch, from the friendly service to the no hassle attitude is why I keep coming back.

From a community driven, artist supporting, lifestyle defining company. This documentary focuses on the past, present and future of Rudy’s.

Watch the documentary above to learn more.

Directed by Ben Velez and Shan Nicholson
Produced by Ben Velez
Shot and Edited by Shan Nicholson
Titles by GHAVA

More here

Ask for Deanna Teasley at Rudy’s Bellevue when your in-town. She’s the business.


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