“Rough Around The Edges” Jonathan Mannion

Woo! The opening for Rough Around The Edges was straight jumpin! Ciroc and Red Stripe had the complementary liquids on deck. DJ SOUL had the tunes on lock and literally played a song for each of Jonathan’s subjects that were on display. If you are not fully aware who Jonathan Mannion is that is just fine, because with out a doubt you have seen his work. He has shot extremely iconic portraiture of some of musics most notable alumni. Remember that shot of Biggie rapping on stage at the Palladium, or how about the album cover for DMX’s “It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot” and I know you have seen the Bushmills “Since Way Back” campaign. Make you way over to Milk Gallery (NYC) and see his 665 Polaroid exhibit, it doesn’t compare seeing the images blown up. The exhibit will be open from June 18th – July 7th, 2013. In the meantime take a moment to get a little more familiar about the work he has done with your old favorite rapper, your new favorite rapper and his flawless images that bring great brands to the forefront.


PS sorry for the late post, for some reason the file did not upload to Vimeo, I’ve been on a whirl wind tour shooting for Nike, those images up soon!

Check out Jonathan HERE

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