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Rocked with Hieroglyphics at Rock the Bells SF 2011!

Souls of Mischief is the true definition of Bay Area Hip hop. Bringing that smooth, conscious and lyrical word play, that never fails to grips your attention, and please your mind. We made our ways to the Shoreline amphitheater early for Souls of Mischief. “93’til infinity” was an album full of inspiration and still influences hip hop today. Released in 1993, its definitive to early underground hip hop production in the 90’s. Hieroglyphics crew was ahead of its time, and still going strong with a shit load of chemistry.

It was dope to see the missing members of the Hieroglyphics join the stage to perform “That’s when ya lost.” Del always puts on a hella sick show.
If you came late… wompity, womp, womp, Hiero ya! We were fully estatic, and juiced for live music. She had a blue moon, and I had some Blue Dream, we tuned in…and kept it real. Check out my clip of “Cab fare” and “93’til infinity” recorded live below.

For those of you in New York and Boston, Rock the Bells is coming to you. Thanks to Guerilla Union this is the 8th year Hip hop heads are able to experience hip hop live on 4 different stages.

Check out photos I snapped and loaded to flickr of Souls of Mischief, and additional Hieroglyphics members.

If you haven’t seen it yet Nas and Black Star footage here.

Be Sure to check back for more updates and footages from Common’s live set.

Let us vibe,


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