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RJD2+Zion I= Last Friday!

RjD2 performed live on 4 turntables for the first time in years, and definitely pleased the crowd. Fusing Trip hop, electronic, jazz, rock,soul and of course hip hop, RJD2 was ready to rock the audience.

I became a fan of RjD2 when I heard “Work it out” from the Third hand album he released in 2007. It inspired me to think differently about my current situation and opportunities presented in life. The video created is a continuous shot of Bill Shannon’s everyday struggles. Its composed of him maneuvering through the streets of New York, where he uses crutches to support his weight. Truly inspiring! Check out the video.

On top of being able to see RJD2 perform live, Zion I, a duo based in Oakland California, had the hip hop heads throwing hands in the air, as they performed a full live set. Zumbi and Amp live, what can i say? illness. The crowd was so dam hyped, I couldn’t even stand still to capture the video. A must see live, so when they come to town, make sure you check out Zion I. Been a fan of them, and will remain a big fan. If your in New York, they will be in Brooklyn. Check out the footage below.

I’m in the process of doing an upgrade to capture better photos, video, and sound for you guys. So bear with me. Definitely an awesome night of music. This is one of the best venues right now bringing in various great artists for your hearing and seeing pleasures. We always have a good time at 1015 with a full night of dancing, drinking, partying, and bullshitting. Check out events at 1015 here.

Supply and Demand partied, then bullshit, then partied, and bullshitted some more!

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