BICYCLE RIDERS BE AWARE. *This new product may cause seizure when watching too closely*. Ok, well maybe not but you WILL turn heads with it. I wish I had seen these sooner because I really would throw down the bread to get these. But I literally just got introduced to them by my friend Laura who posted their link on my facebook page saying, “you need these!”, so I checked out their site and video, and yes, I need this.

The guys from Palo Alto, CA (Kent, Adam, and Jim) started this project back in October of 2010 and have displayed their progress they’ve made along the way up to now, and they are as fresh a baby’s booty to say the least. These “arc lights” are made from thin LED strips that fit onto the side of your rims and emit a light that’s bright enough to see a good portion of the road in front of you. I’m sure you’re thinking “TRON”, and yes, you are absolutely right. These are probably the closest thing to just that, without having to get a real one. Currently they’re at a prototype version 4, and are expecting to keep it moving to a version 5 or 6 for when it gets released to the public. And to top that off, their initial goal for funding was supposed to be $43,500….they got it with ease and now they’re at (drum roll) $139,743!!! So you know this is going to be a hot item once it hits the streets, and they’re getting a ton of support as you can see. You too can make a pledge anywhere from $5 to $250, and yes you better believe if you make that top dollar pledge you’ll be getting the goods for sure, even before everyone else. When released, MSRP will be $220

“What is the Revolights bike lighting system? Our lighting system consists of 2 thin profile LED rings (white in front, red in back) that mount directly to each wheel rim (just below the brake calipers) using a series of rim specific clips. Power is supplied via a thin wire to the hub where a lightweight and slim, USB rechargeable polymer lithium-ion battery is held in a special bracket. A small magnet is secured to the fork to provide speed and orientation information to the rings.”- (

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