Rekstizzy feat. JKey & Hoya “Posted”

The homie David Rek Lee is quite the character and his new video is the perfect introduction to the lifestyle that encapsulates Rekstizzy. I am pretty sure the last time we hung out, we were wasted on cheap beer, smoking and rapping. He said some stuff that was so disgusting I just stopped for a moment, laughed, tilted my head and gave that “damn you are one sick fuck” look. I grabbed another beer and we kept it moving. This was the deepest view into his porno infused, BiBimBap charged, alcohol soaked mind and was a little tripped out to say the least. Rek is well on his way with one release under his belt FAKE IT TILL YOU NAKED, a hand full of videos, tons of homie love/collabs and you know hes got something always in the works. Dude is hungry, he eats some of the strangest combinations of food by the way (did that segway work)? Either way, give this track a spin the raps are ill and producer YoungHoon kills the Biggie sample.

– Omar

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