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Oh hello! Did you say, “Drink Specials?!”

 I don’t know about all of you, but it has been a long week, and I could use a drink (ok fine, I sort of had a couple on Wednesday, but I could use some more…I’m thirsty)!

Hey Los Angelenos, what better way to kick off the first week of a new month by checking out Old Pasadena Happy Hour Week 2011! The festivities started on Tuesday, March 1st, and if you haven’t already stumbled your way into a bar in this quaint area, don’t fret; you have until Tuesday March 8th to get your drink on for go-go-get-it-get-it deals! The even better thing about Old Town Pasadena is it contains an array of atmospheres to accommodate your preferences. If you’re into Irish pubs, you can have a pint at Lucky Baldwin’s or if you’re more into a sexy and romantic atmosphere, get your sip on at Villa Sorriso.
For happy hour times and locations, check out:

And do me a favor, will ya?! Save me a seat! I just might have to join you!


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