Noisemakers w/9th wonder and Phonte @ 92Y Tribeca

Last night Sauce and I attended an epic interview/conversation between Peter Rosenburg and what he calls the two most influential people of the last decade of Hip Hop. That statement is completely true, 9th and Phonte have been integral parts of keeping Hip Hop moving in the right direction since they hit the scene in 2003. Just by naming their first group “Little Brother” they paid homage to the culture that they would eventually redefine and shape, everything from Drakes pop radio hits to the Grammy nominated Foreign Exchange. The list of accolades is ridiculosly long you will have to hit up Wikipedia, because just the amount of top notch artists that 9th has worked with over the years is a statement in its self! The guys touched on everything from their beginnings in N.C., meeting Kanye in his early years, the flack that 9th took for making beats on computer back in the day, sleeping on Pete Rocks floor and a whole bunch of other first hand stories. I can’t even really begin to convey how ill the conversation was as well as HILARIOUS, hopefully some videos will pop up (or even better a DVD would be soooo dope!) and you can experience a slice of these two brilliant dudes. Also to add the perfect touch to the event, the house band played renditions of 9th wonder beats as well as some Foreign Exchange.

– Omar


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