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Nhà Tôi (pronounced “nya-ttoi”)

In my ever enduring journey to always know where the nearby Vietnamese restaurant is, I was blessed to come across this small gem in Williamsburg, Nhà Tôi. Usually I start off by just searching for soup to cure the usual ailments from last nights madness, but I’ve been here more than a few times and have thoroughly enjoyed many of the items they have to offer.  Owner and Chef, Fred Hua, who originally hails from San Jose, CA has graced this neighborhood for just about 2 1/2 years now with his simple, and fresh menu. Once you experience this spot, you’ll feel like you’re at his home, hence “Nhà Tôi” , which translates to “My House”.  Just imagine a friend that’s got lots of interesting art on the walls, and dope chilled out music.

Now, about the food. It is nothing less than comforting, and fulfilling, plain and simple. When I asked him about his concept for his food he explained how when it really comes down to it, its food for the PEOPLE. From his unpretentiously priced Bahn Mi ($6-$7, mind you we’re in NY) to his daily specials which will keep you wondering whats next.

Most people will look towards his large selection of Bahn Mi. The most noticable choice would probably be “The Pho”, which is a nice slab of braised beef brisket, bean sprouts, cucumber, thai basil, spicy mayo and hoisin. Sounds like a bowl of pho right?  But the best part is that its in a perfectly crunchy Hero roll! You can also get a small side of soup with your sandwich. Now, the Pho here is very trustworthy. I say that because the man has definitely made the presence of his food to be Honest and straightforward. I fully appreciate this compared to some other places here which make it difficult to look past unfamiliar menu items and high prices.

Other than his Bahn Mi, Fred focuses on 3 other main areas of Vietnamese Cuisine. Summer Rolls, Pho (noodle soup), and Vermicelli Noodles. These are usually the main things many people will look for in any Vietnamese place, not to say there aren’t tons of other options, but unless you are really really into the culture, what more could you ask for here in a tiny spot in Brooklyn. I don’t care how many times you’ve heard about other places that have a comparable menu, better tasting, or whatever. I am a culinary artist myself and have worked in many kitchens and have helped prepare numerous menus. When it comes down to it, nothing beats simple comfort food done right from whichever culture you may seek. I could try to explain further on the food, I would much rather you have a taste for yourself. Philosophy over Prestige.


“Traditional food is just an old good memory….” and “…it all just depends where you’re coming from…” – Fred Hua

-On a side note (Insider Info! Alert! Alert!, Fred has informed us that he will be inviting anyone who willing to participate, to come and share their recipes (of course at a fair percentage) for his upcoming plan to serve cheap eats for those epic late nights! He’s going to extend his front window and open up to the streets with items like, Dumplings, Skewers, Steam Buns, Roasted Vegetables (think lunch line style), and of course many of his delicious sandwiches. And it wouldn’t be complete without more Veggie friendly items. We’ve been told once summer hits, “…just look for the lanterns…”

Nhà Tôi
160 Havemeyer St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211


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