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New Album!!! The Weekend: Thursday

Canadian Artist, The Weekend, has just released a new album, “Thursday”. You can download the entire album, for free, off their website: http://the-weeknd.com/

This is a big-deal for all fans of The Weekend, such as myself! Some songs such as “The Birds part 1” and “Rolling Stone” have already been out on YouTube.

House of Balloons definitely had a lot of minds blown. The Ménage à trois
between sex, drugs, and music was beautifully displayed and defined. Let’s see how “Thursday” plays out. I’m even hoping that short-film maker, DEAUPE will have at it. [He made a sick-ass mix tape video for House of Balloons. Be sure to stay tuned for my upcoming blog/interview with DEAUPE].

Track Listing

  1. “Lonely Star”
  2. “Life of the Party”
  3. Thursday”
  4. “The Zone”
  5. “The Birds” part 1
  6. “The Birds” part 2
  7. “Gone”
  8. “Rolling Stone”
  9. Heaven or Las Vegas”

So far, my ears are taking a liking to “The Zone” feat. Drake. Any thoughts/feedback, on the new album?

“The Zone” feat. Drake


“The Birds” part 1

-sheila [supply & demand, san francisco]


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