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Mp3 Experiment in San Francisco 2011!

The folks over at Improv Everywhere, a group based out of New york, had over 2500 people RSVP on Facebook to participate. It was an interesting sight to see and was fun to participate. I had the pleasure of taking bart into San Francisco from Oakland, only to be jammed packed in the trains with Greens, Blues, and a ton of Reds. I got off bart and made my way down Powell towards Union Square. Saw some friends, said “Wdup!” and continued on. The streets were completely filled with everyday tourist, daily commuters and hella Mp3 Experiment Participators.

For those interested. Check the Memo for full instructions. Here’s the memo.

I approached the center of Union Square around 6:25pm, and hung out on the ledge until it was time to press play. It was pretty cool watching the whole crowd tune in for the next 45 minutes.

Check out the full three part video of the event with audio provided by Improv Everywhere! Congrats guys you had a very successful event.

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

For those of you who missed it, watch the videos. If you were there, find yourself in the video! For those who wants more information….Search!

Thanks for the support!


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