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Moving Target Tour in Seattle

Last weekend I had the rare opportunity to witness Dead Prez and Ms. Lauryn Hill perform in Seattle.


Dead Prez performed singles old and new. Conscious rhymes mixed with familiar beats, reminded old fans and new that these veterans know how to rock the crowd.

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Ms. Hill who recently celebrated her birthday, sung her famous tracks like “Everything is Everything” to Bob Marley’s “Turn your lights down low”. She sings with such passion and love,  I know now why she prefers more intimate shows. Ms. Hill explained that playing more intimate venues is intended to give fans a unique experience. “One of the benefits of playing venues smaller than the ones I’m used to allows me the opportunity to not only reconnect with my supporters but to expose them to a portion of the musical journey I’ve been on which the world for the most part has not had access to,” she said. “It’s an exciting and REAL process which these audiences will get to witness.”

  • May 27 – Calgary, AB – Flames Central (Buy Tickets)
  • May 30 – Winnipeg, MB – Centennial Concert Hall (Buy Tickets

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