MFA Open Studios @ Brooklyn College 3/23/2012

The M.F.A. Studio Art Program at Brooklyn College

Brooklyn College’s Art Department offers a two-year master of fine arts studio program taught by a faculty of internationally known artists. The 48 credit program offers study in drawing,painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography and digital art. In practice, many students combine a variety of media and experimentation is encouraged. The program has a fine arts, rather than commercial focus and seeks a balance between the old and the new in its mix of students, faculty, and course work. The center of the program is the graduate review process in which students’ work is periodically reviewed by the full faculty; students also benefit from informal visits with faculty members as well as from the artists and critics welcomed by the visiting artists’ program. Study in art history and outside electives is also required. Graduating students participate in a large M.F.A. thesis exhibition at a Manhattan or Brooklyn location.

Founded by artists escaping German fascism on the eve of World War II, the art department started as the world’s first comprehensive Bauhaus art program in a liberal arts setting. Over the years it grew to include Abstract Expressionists, Realists, and Abstractionists drawn from the New York art world, as well as art historians with distinguished scholarly reputations.

It was quite the train ride to get there, but me and LoLa made it. Along the way we found LoLa’s friends Hector Arce and Desiree. They were on the way to the open house as well and had just walked into the same train station that we accidentally got off on, super random! When we arrived our friend Jonathan Torres poured us some wine and showed us around the MFA Studios. It was a great time, Ingrid playing the best jams (we like girls that play Playstation), Jiyoun’s killer watermelon/vodka drink (woo, that’s some strong stuff!) and Jonathan’s Hunter S. Thompson glasses. Big shout outs to all the artists, each studio held it’s own.

P.S.  Party and dance with Hector every 1st and 3rd thursday, D’marquesina @ Home Sweet Home.

P.P.S. The pics are pretty large, give them an extra moment to load.

– Omar


Featured Artists







Jeannine Bardo

Mariko Spigner



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