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Meet our Staff

Last week I posted an introduction about the site launch but forgot to introduce our contributors. So without further adieu…

Oh! A few things before we get started:

  • Our staff members’ Facebook pages (click the names) include posts along with photos, funny messages, and the occasional random link. I highly recommend clicking on their names, email, twitter and hitting their LIKE buttons.
  • Most staff members didn’t have a little bio pre-written about themselves, so you’re getting my potentially biased opinions mixed in. Try not to hold that against them.

Elree Guerrero
email | twitter

As it is for all its contributors, Supply&Demand is the result of years of both personal, and professional, experiences for Elree. Considering his passion for many things, including the arts, automobiles, fashion, music, technology, photography, travel and humanitarianism, it’s no surprise that he put his mind to building Supply&Demand, working alongside some of his closest friends, in order to serve you the latest in what is more cultural than anything else. Between growing up in Seattle, Washington, studying in SF, and his recent travels to South America, Southeast Asia and Europe, Elree has embraced his passion for business, seeing the world through a lens and looks forward to giving back to the community. Hence, Supply&Demand.
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Alex Ahn
email | twitter

“Everything is better with a little sauce on it.” – sauce101
Born in the south, grew up in the west, and living in the east, Alex has developed a deep appreciation for culinary, music and performing arts. Alex has performed vocally at shows throughout the country strengthening his love for Soul, R&B, Funk, and Classic Rock! He also personally cooked for some of America’s Top Entertainers like Rihanna, Green Day, Ozzie Osbourne, and Aerosmith just to name a few. Alex loves food, music, the Illest threads and the freshest kicks.
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Jordan Smith
email | twitter

A Northwest explorer and passion for all things outdoors – Jordan’s love for design, construction, snowboarding, travel, sailing, and trekking, has made him appreciate nature’s pivotal role on how it’s shapes our lives. Jordan traveled to South and Central America, sailing around the Pacific, collecting thousands of pictures documenting his experiences with the surrounding cultures. You can find him in the beautiful Northwest, Hawaiian, or San Juan Islands on a BOAT!!!
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Sheila Selenga
email | twitter

Sheila was breeded, seeded, born, and raised in San Francisco.
She considers herself to be a music junkie, connoisseur of good food, budget fashionista, art/photography addict, and a student of culture. Oh, and not to mention, an SF Giants fan, since the womb.You can find her at any live show, at street fairs/festivals, cheering at a Giants game, or chillin’ with her macbook at some hip coffee shop in Oakland or SF.
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Raphael John Oriel
email | twitter

“Born in LA. Educated in SF. Live in NY.”

A citizen of the world, but never long in a single place. Originally from LA, Raphael moved to NY after being educated in SF.Having gained creative exposure at the Asian Art Museum-San Francisco and Saatchi & Saatchi-New York, Raphael now serves as Senior Design and Advertising Executive at The Asian Journal-New York. Additionally, he is a contributing photographer to Asian Journal’s Int’l Travel & Lifestyle Magazine as well as being a creative director for AJTV. Raphael has a collection of over 60,000 photos of various adventures in the Middle East to South East Asia which have inspired him to write his first novel.
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email | twitter

“Shred all day, Rage all night”

More to come!
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Jess Correos
email | twitter
Describing herself as “a gal with kick-ass skills and a heart of gold,” Jess Correos a.k.a. “Ninjess” or “Ninjessica” finds enjoyment in wearing many hats; she is a music fiend, art lover, fashion aficionada, movie buff, sports enthusiast and science geek rolled into one. Originally from Northern California, Jess moved to Los Angeles in 2006, where she has been engrossing herself in a city that breathes entertainment, fashion, music and art. Combining her passion for entertainment (especially music) with her on-air flair, Jess is a former host of Bay Area-based music program “California Music Channel” and “Rock Remedy” on Vlaze.com. She has also hosted and written for MishMashMagazine.com and has done correspondent work for Fuel TV.
Keep up with her ramblings on her personal blog at www.ninjess.blogspot.com

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Nick Milo
email | twitter

A northern California native, Milo has been living in San Francisco for the last 8 years; digging for records; eating good food and defining his sense of fashion and aesthetic. Milo spent 3 months traveling through India; experiencing fashion, food and culture. learning that differences in life, is what makes life worth living. Milo started his career in 2005 with Chrome, assisting on marketing campaigns and learning how a small business is run . 2 years later he was at REBELl8; working as a production assistant and general box monkey. Leveraging skills in online marketing, sales and general taste making, Milo is a new contributor to Supply&Demand. Check out his personal blog Miloeats.com
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Toan Nguyen
email | twitter

“I’ve been a independent hustler since 95, never had no love for a 9-5. I grind like trucks, smack like em too. I’m tryna make a buck and still stay true” Born as Toan Nguyen in San Francisco…I am a true Baydestrian exploring my entrepreneur mind set. I am Infl-uence=Inspired naturally for life, universal exit.. not corporate entry. Simply, I have hella love for anything art, whether its visuals, lyrical, beats, fashion or food. To experience life, is to move through all forms of art. I live for the elements that reaches for my soul, and try to leave my mark in many places. I hella love the Bay! I’m always on the go, you can catch me at various shows, and showcases of whats new and true to the evolving music industry. So if your in the Bay Area and need some places to stop, shop, groove, grub or drink. Hit me!
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