Malice and Mario Sweet

Malice and Mario Sweet – Happy 2 Year (EP)

Yo whhhaaaat!!! This is a two person soul machine with a “Flux Capacitor”, this EP seems to tie together several generations of soul, wrap it all up like a delicious burrito, stuff that burrito in a cannon and shoot it all into the future. It starts with a Dillaesque intro straight from ’98 “Happy 2 Year”, so quickly you are transported through a worm hole of the last several decades. Some horns with funk get you 2 stepping with that special someone on “Date Night”.  That early ’00 neo soul sound pops up on the solo “Malice”, I LOVE those synths! “Happiness” just really lets you know everyone involved on the project is serious (this one takes me back to Stankonia!), Choklate is featured on the track and she goes IN! On his solo track “Mario”, he channels some Marvin over the great Roy Ayers. “Living Life” produced by Vitamin D, featuring the always consistent Geo, caps things off with a crash landing in a pile of Jheri curl juice, leather pants, getting busy at the park after dark bustin some ol ’85 shit! This ep is amazing, a toast to the future of the Seattle soul sound, Malice & Mario!!!

Download the “Happy 2 Year” EP, RIGHT NOW, HURRY!

– Omar

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