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Magic 8 Ball Tour!

Yo, Magic 8 Ball Tour is on its way to New York effin City! I miss New York! For all you cool cats in New York, that’s trying to get down with that crazy new illlin sound, GET SOME, GET SOME! hahah Tomorrow night at Terminal 5, A-Trak, Gaslamp, along side with Kid Sister, and The Clipse! Yup, the Clipse. This is worthy of your virgin ears, so if you have never heard of any of these artists, Just go! This is something new, something true, and may turn you blue. All I know is, when this tour reaches San Francisco on May 16, I’ll be ready! Check their site, and see if they are coming to your town!

S&D New York, “This shit right here….Get some, Get some”!

Who: Atrak, The Clipse, Kid Sister, The Gaslamp Killer
What:“The Magic 8-Ball Tour”
Where: Terminal 5, 610 West 56th street, NY, NY

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S&D San Francisco

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