Mad Rad @ Neumos, Images by Marlon Schaeffer

So I was walking by Nuemos the other day on Cap Hill in Seattle, man was I hurting, long days and late nights had me wondering if at 9:30pm it was time to just call it a night for some rest. But before I could make my own life choices, Terry Radjaw of MadRad popped out of the front doors and made my decision for me. Terry added someone to the list and before I knew it i was back stage drinking PBR, throwing high fives and playing the original Strider (that’s right, make it back stage at Neumos and one of the greatest arcade games awaits you!). I was camera deprived that night as I had left my stuff at two different apartments, so you can only imagine how bummed I was to not have the ill backstage footage. It was so awesome to see the energy backstage bouncing around between all the local champs, then to watch that energy roll onto the stage and get the crowd going completely ape shit! So there I am bouncing around the crowd looking for the guy with the nicest camera to borrow/link for some footage. I spotted a Canon 5D mark II being wielded by Marlon Schaeffer, so big props to Marlon for the hook up when I was caught off guard! Soon after, Buffalo Madonna pulled out the showmanship that he is know for and spit a whole verse on the shoulders of this dude (he knew the words to every song, it was quite fitting) who must have been at least 6’5, CRAZY! It was dance party debauchery, I think Buffalo may have even broke a TV on stage spazzing out?I am hyped to see where 2011 takes these crazy white boys!
– Omar

Mad Rad – Images by Marlon Schaeffer

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