Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Shad @ The Studio in Webster Hall

Holy shit…Macklemore is on FIRE! It was a sold out crowd last night in the basement of Webster Hall aka The Studio in NYC. I literally walked in the door 10 minutes before Shad hit the stage, the timing couldn’t have been better. Unfortunately I was fairly  soaked by the time I got there (fucking monsoon yo!), it was perfectly fitting considering the Seattle vibe in the air. Plenty of people from Seattle were there to show support, it was pretty cool to see all the Seatown hats and other attire being rocked. Shad got things off to a great start breaking in the crowd, I gotta be honest I don’t know much about Shad but after seeing his set it is clear I need to hear his stuff. From the moment Mack hit the stage it was pure energy, he bounced back and forth across the stage sweating like crazy shredding each one of his tracks. His delivery remained precise through out the set, giving a very well refined performance. I didn’t really take too many pics, peep the video so you can see what I mean. How ill are those Tees at the merch stand, shouts to the homies at WC & I.C.E.!

– Omar


Macklemore @ The Studio in Webster Hall from Emerald Gold on Vimeo.

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