Lykke Li @ Webster Hall

Well shit, I have not put up a video THIS long and THIS awesome yet. Why, you might ask, well I haven’t had the opportunity to get into a Lykke Li show yet, they sell out so god damn fast in NYC?! I was so hyped last night I didn’t even really shoot pics, this show had to be video all the way, damn I need someone to step up and be my B cam.  My homie Jipsy 9 put me on to her stuff years ago when he was headed to see one of her first American shows on the west coast, I judged her like the cover of a book, then payed no attention for a hot minute after that. Buuuut months later she soon became a guilty pleasure in my song rotations, now that she has transformed into the dark Monstress that she is there is no more guilt, it’s all pleasure baby!

– Omar

P.S. Don’t have a seizure from some parts of the video…

P.P.S. No encore for you, got get some tickets and see this lady ASAP!



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