I’m pretty stoked about my recent purchase of the Lunatik and Nano combo. If you saw this product before, Awesome! If you haven’t….prepare to be amazed, because I was. You probably seen tons of replicas, and other style Nano watch carriers that’s cheaper, but…trust me, its poorly made. The quality integration of the Nano into the Lunatik watch band is simply amazing and natural. The last thing Scott Wilson wanted to do is create a product that doesn’t meet the standards that has been established by Apple and the following community of Apple Fanatics. Working with Apple Suppliers and doing a ton of research, resulted in a product that did not fail. The comfortable fit, sleek design, and modern characteristics makes this a timeless piece. I’ve seen many watches released by many competitors and it doesn’t carry anything close to the capabilities of a Lunatik Nano combination. This is by far one of my favorite watches to wear on a daily. The Multi-touch user friendly touchscreen on the Nano is already hella dope. You could toggle between screens and choose to have the watch visible, or watch an actual music video, while listening to music. The best part of it all, its actually screwed in to the band, making it hard to drop and lose your Nano. If you got it, nice! If you don’t, go get it, and if you don’t like it…well, you just don’t like it. I do!

Check out their site.The story and journey behind the creations of this magnificent piece is pretty dope. Raising nearly a million dollars in 30 days. WOW! Congratulations Scott Wilson, you created a wonderful product! Nice conversion kit yo!

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